Failed Calls Minimization on SoftSwitches : Termination Reason: NoAvailableRouter on VOS3000

Only half day 5127 Calls Just NoAvailableRouter

Failed Calls Minimization on SoftSwitches : Termination Reason: NoAvailableRouter on VOS3000

Hello All, Every day many calls are failed on your softswitch. If you monitor properly, the failed calls should be minimized and your ASR should increase a lot.Today I have faced ‘NoAvailableRouter’ termination reason on VOS3000. After a long try found many calls are same termination reasons on several mapping gateways.

First solution I found, the prefix issue. Like you given your client prefix 18880 but your client may be sending you 1880. In this case called gateway will be empty on cdr log. The earlier versions on vos3000 it was ‘Rate Prefix Not Found’ if no prefix or ‘No Route to Destination’ if no routing like this. Update: the same reason show if codec doesn’t match. If you want to make more successful calls and if its not so much costly for you, you can make a codec conversion server between you and vendor. To do so, Just add the codec converter server as routing gw with client prefix (but don’t allow g729), then on your codec converter server re-route your calls to your switch or directly send to vendors.

Also called gateway showing on cdr log with same reason what should be reason for that? Its when routing gateway codec section ‘auto negotiation’ selected, calls went to vendor switch and vendor VOS3000 return NoAvailableRouter (Hangup Side: Callee). For other switch it returned ‘Not Acceptable Here(488)’ or may also return other reason. So Solutions are three:

1.. Check Your Rate Prefix if its there

2. Check your gateway prefix if its correct on Routing Gateway

3. Use Codec Conversion Server to convert codes and success some calls (Don’t think why I do this? I the Route market these calls are failing from most of the vendors. So, if you do the solution, your calls may increase a lot although depends on how more carriers you manage.)

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