VOS3000 Hacking Prevention and Protection to Save Your Business!

VOS3000 Hacking Prevention and Protection to Save Your Business!

VOS3000 old versions are being hacked . Its costing too much money through illegal calls . You can prevent it some level  by taking some precaution .

Why and How Hacker get in to VOS?

Check http://www.deshnetworks.com/blog/linknat-vos3000-vos2009-sql-injection/

From 2016 People using some sql injection soft wares to hack VOS3000, We have our own security system from that time, we updated our security system too strong now, my work focus was always for security for voip soft-switch. Most of the time i gave free advice or shared information as much possible free of cost. Still there are lots of dirty things running around, so please be careful always and know more. Otherwise you will never able to do good business ever. Now-a-days People using hidden scripts or malwares in VOS3000 Client software to hack VOS Server.


1-  Use different SSH Port and Make your server SSH root password complicated

2- Block Mysql port by firewall ad Make your server mysql password complicated

3- Make your vos3000 client Admin password complicated (this is not work as hacker get pass from mysql. So upgrade to VOS3000 v2.1.6.0 where mysql is totally encrypted.

4- Use different SIP Port other than common 5060

5- Make your buyers and seller IP authenticated

6- make your firewall on

Contact for more vos3000 security and firewall ,anti hack. For More Help Knock me in whatsapp: +8801730000106 – i will do help all the ways.

Hacker using … end of the row so the ip is not showing one list.

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